The mixed workshops (see video excerpts of performances) that the K. Dance company proposes put forward simultaneously creative research on the tools of choreography in contemporary dance (tools of composition, dance / theater, expressiveness through the body in the broad sense, integrated with technological means), and the handling and adaptation of digital tools (multimedia, interactive devices, software, etc.) as applied to artistic production, in particular in the field of live performance.

They are adapted for both dancers and non dancers.

A final public presentation can be offered as a live performance or a screening in a particular space and time depending on the context of the accommodating structure.

Six different types of workshops are proposed: each one develops its own approach.

See video excerpts in International (abroad and overseas projects)

and in Performances (projects in France for all audiences)

Workshop 1: Dance for the camera: making of short video dance films. Films

Final Cut Pro (for example). Final multiple screening.

Workshop 2: Body practise and live video composition. Live

Workshop 3: Body practise and interactive environments. Inter(actions)

(Isadora, Director, Pure Data, Max MSP, Jitter). Body sensors, optical sensors.

Workshop 4: Body practise with physiological sensors.   Physio

It can be accompanied by the presentation of the performance Echo Room

Workshop 5: Body practise and semi-autonomous interactive environment.   Game(s)

specially designed workshop which uses the interactive set of the  Gameplay performance, co created with artist programmer Antoine Schmitt.

See, for example, video excerpts on Game(s)

It can be accompanied by the presentation of the performance Gameplay.

Workshop 6: Body practise and telematics. E-Web

This workshop develops a danced dialogue between two (or more) distant teams through the use of a live broadcast internet platform.

It is based on the recent experiences performed by the company in between distant cities in France, with Mexico, with India.

See, for example, video excerpts on

The courses taught are the combined results of more than 12 years of teaching.

Anne Holst and Jean-Marc Matos have taught choreographic workshops at the Dance Department of the Paris 8 University, at the Paul Sabatier and the Mirail Universities of Toulouse, given numerous workshops on “dance and image” for professional dancers and non dancers, and experimental “dance and technology” for dancers and non dancers. They have been teaching students of visual art at the National Art School of Cergy-Pontoise (Paris) since 1996, and set up an experimental platform for “on line” dance related projects in 1998.

Their educational modules combine physical preparation, movement improvisation, live dance and video, choreographing with multimedia, and the implication of the body in multimedia art works.  They also give lectures related to the crossed fields of dance and new media.

In the context of these workshops, they propose to work with people with an interest in the bodily implication in multimedia art. The knowledge of a dance technique can be incorporated, but is not essential. Practitioners or students of visual arts, technology design, live performance (theatre, dance, etc), cinema, photography, video, multimedia etc. are equally welcome.  Nevertheless, all participants should be interested in being physically involved.